ČEZ a.s.

About us

„Electricity is the cleanest energy and electromobility enables its use in the field which has been up to now a realm of combustion engines.“

About us

  • Who are we - The ČEZ Group is the largest energy concern in Central and South-east European markets. We have been devoted to electromobility since 2009. We run the largest network of public charging stations all over the Czech Republic.

Why electromobility

  • We don't invent anything new! The idea of using electricity to drive motor vehicles is actually not new at all - the first vehicle to exceed 100 km/h was in fact an electric car and it happened already in 1899.
  • Electromobility is a logical business for an energy company. Electric cars use electricity, which we produce, distribute and sell to our customers, hence electromobility represents a new segment of the electricity and related products market.
  • The total number of EV´s in the CR is constantly growing and the experts´analyses expect, that annual sales of electric cars and plug-in hybrids will reach the order of thousands of cars in the coming years.

We believe in the success of electromobility in CR

  • 2020: A significant growth of electromobility - every year 7,000 new electric cars and plug-in hybrids arrive on the roads (about 3 % of the market and only a little bit behind the Western Europe). 1,200 charging stations in operation
  • 2025: Sales of new electric cars and plug-in hybrids will reach 20%, which represents about 33,000 new vehicles on Czech roads, and Škoda Auto will offer 4-5 models of electric cars
  • 2030: More than a quarter million electric cars and plug-in hybrids will roam the local roads. 50,000 vehicles of this category will be sold each year

Electromobility receives support already today

Strategic plan:

  • Czech government declared in 2016 a clear framework for electromobility development in the "National action plan on clean mobility"

Particular measures

  • OPPIK provides a subvention to businesses of max CZK 80,000 for purchase of vehicles with ecological drive and for purchase of charging stations
  • the Ministry of the Environment started to support purchases of ecological vehicles by the municipalities, regions and organizations managed by them with a benefit of CZK 200,000 in the autumn 2016
  • support in the urban areas: several municipalities have introduced measures such as limited entry to the city centres only for electric cars, free or reduced rate parking zones, drive in bus and taxi lanes or deployment of electric buses in the public transport, etc.
  • MD (OPD) aims to finance deployment of public charging stations
  • MMR (IROP) supports purchase of CNG and electric buses

Support on the distributors' level:

  • special favourable rates for charging electric cars at home? The C27d and D27d tariffs apply to all supply points of households and small businesses

Our vision

  • From a long-term perspective the main goal of our project is to build a functional and user-friendly charging stations network. Such a network must ensure optimal coverage of the whole CR which will provide to the users comfortable charging both within their short and long distance drives

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Customer helpline

  • We will solve any problem or question about electromobility.
  • When you want to report a problem with the charging station.

If you want to report a failure of ABB fast charging station, please contact us at cz-chargers {zavináč} abb {tečka} com and please provide: time and place of failure, vehicle type, direct contact to the user. Thank you in advance for helping us to improve the quality of CEZ's charging stations!