Show that you’re heading to the future

Buy an electric vehicle which will leave a green footstep and make high operating costs a thing of the past.

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Pure happiness, literally

The largest network of charging stations will make your road towards a more environmentally friendly and economical future also the smoothest one.

Electromobility configurator

Indeed, the most expensive part of your journeys will be refreshments

Save with each traveled kilometer while knowing that you’ll have access to the largest network of charging stations.

Electromobility configurator

The comprehensive ČEZ electromobility solution includes:

A wide range
of electric vehicles

From a electric car for daily shopping up to a fully equipped delivery van. You’ll find plenty to choose from here.

charging stations

The wallbox allows you to charge your electric vehicle in the comfort of your home. Quickly, and with possible energy savings.


The charging chip will guarantee smooth charging on all public charging stations.


We provide maximum support for electro-mobility. That is why our charging tariff will provide you with cheaper electricity for up to 8 hours a day.

How advantageous will electro-mobility be for you?

Use our 6-step configurator to find the right electro-mobility solution for you.

It won’t take longer than 3 minutes.

Electromobility configurator

With over 170 stations, we offer the largest network of charging stations in the Czech Republic

  • charging stations can charge all brands and types of electric cars
  • over 75 000 recharges in 2018
  • fast-charging stations will recharge batteries to most of their capacity in 25 minutes
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