we believe in electro-mobility.

Why will it benefit you, too?

56 % of people in the Czech Republic are interested in an electric car

Research indicates that more than one half of the Czech population intends to purchase an electric car within 10 years

A quickly growing market

We expect that in 2040 electric cars will have a 35% share of all sold cars.

We have electricity in our blood

ČEZ has been targeting electro-mobility for over 10 years. And so we can provide you with a solution that will truly fit your needs.

We manage:

A comprehensive network of public charging stations

We currently manage over 190 charging stations all over the Czech Republic.

Active participation in the development of electro-mobility

We participate in professional discussions on the future of electro-mobility. And our words have an impact.

Support for educational events

We support a wide range of educational events with the aim of increasing awareness of the advantages of electro-mobility.


We introduce innovative features which help bring electro-mobility to the next level. Examples include the modern control system for our network of charging stations and energy accumulation locations.

Electric cars are the vehicles of the future

Excellent acceleration when starting and overtaking, low consumption as well as emission-free operation are the clear-cut advantages of electric vehicles. However, in the near future you will also be able use these vehicles as smart accumulators of excess energy – a big battery for running your household.

0 % emissions

Surprisingly low fuel costs

You’ll pay less than 0.5 Czech Crown per 1 km traveled in an electric car (with the exact costs depending on the traveled kilometers and charging method). This slashes your travel costs to a fraction or what you would pay when using classical engines.

1 km for less than 0.5 crowns

Savings when buying and servicing

The costs of electric cars are now nearing the prices of standard cars. Furthermore, electric cars don’t use most of the parts related to lubrication that you’ll find in standard cars. This makes maintenance and servicing significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

maintenance is up to 70 % cheaper
than the maintenance of standard vehicles

Highly reliable batteries

The batteries of electric cars can easily survive hundreds of thousands of recharges. And when they stop working, the emergent battery market will allow you to sell them and provide you with a significant contribution to buying a new battery.

You’ll get up to 40 % of the price of the battery
back by reselling it

ČEZ as a verified partner

We produce, supply and also sell electricity. That’s why we’re always one of the first to learn about innovations in the field of electro-mobility. Basically, you’re guaranteed to be in good hands with us.

we’re number 1 in electro-mobility

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